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Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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DMH - female

Imani and her 5 siblings, Isabella, Isha, Ivan & Icarus, came into DCH care on 5th October after they were found living under a shop in Bexley North.

Imani is a stunning medium haired Tabby and the shyest of the litter. This gorgeous girl still hisses and hides when she is scared but never, ever bites or scratches. Imani still needs lots of socialisation but she is only young, and is slowly coming around and will now eat and play when I am in the room. When she is picked up, Imani doesn't move or make eye contact but allows me to pat her and give her a cuddle.

Imani should only be adopted into a quiet home by an experienced cat person who is willing to work with her further, and give her time to gain confidence. Once she trusts you, Imani will be a good little companion.

Imani and her siblings are all litter-trained and are currently being socialised in my home. They are gradually getting used to all the noises and chaos! These kittens are currently eating Royal Canin Kitten food, both wet and dry, with lots of clean water always available.

The $225 adoption fee includes:

  • Microchipping,
  • Worming/flea-treatment,
  • First vaccination (of 3),
  • Desexing (booked for 26/11/2021).
  • So she lives her best and longest life, Imani must also be an INDOOR ONLY cat.

    Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in adopting Imani. PLEASE INCLUDE INFORMATION such as whether you own other pets, if you have a quieter or more chaotic household and any other relevant details.

    If you are renting, please ensure that you have approval for a cat BEFORE you lodge interest.

    You must be over 18 years old to adopt an animal, and, for a kitten, also be prepared to look after it for up to 20years! 😻

    Imani was adopted on 30 November 2021 after 1 month in foster care



    Cattle Dog X - female

    Roxy is a beautiful Cattle Dog X that gets on well with the foster carers three dogs

    Roxy was adopted on 29 November 2021 after 1 day in foster care



    Domestic Short Hair - male

    Bibble is shy when meeting new people and prefers to observe you from a safe distance. When you meet him its best to calmly take a seat nearby and peak his curiosity with toys. With patience and time you build trust, he gets braver and he will come closer and maybe let you pat him.

    He is the kind of kitten that loves to explore every single area of the house, and on his adventures gets easily distracted by shadows. He is very interested in string toys and he runs after anything you throw or wiggle.

    He is very playful and likes having lots of toys to entertain himself with.
    He loves to chase balls, pounce on moving toys and enjoys zooming around like a nut through the house with his foster brother on the racetrack also known as my lounge room.

    Bibble adores spending time in his outdoor enclosure and loves his cat grass, both eating it and digging it up.

    He has cuddly moments, loves scratches under his chin and enjoys napping at the end of the bed, he also loves sleeping in hammocks and if you lay a blanket over you while watching TV he will curl up and join you.

    Best suited to an indoor home with adults or older children.

    Bibble is litter trained, although his is still learning to cover up properly.
    He is desexed, wormed, microchipped and vaccinated and ready for adoption.

    Located at Kingswood

    Bibble was adopted on 27 November 2021 after 5 months in foster care

    Curley Sue (Susie)

    Curley Sue (Susie)

    Domestic Short Hair - female

    My name is Curley Sue and I am usually called Susie or Sue-Sue. I have a very cute face and yellow/orange eyes. My colour is called tortoise-shell or Torti as my fur has a number of colours. I am looking for a home with another cat or kitten, who would accept me and be my companion and playmate. Perhaps I could be adopted with another kitten as I do not like being alone and need the company of a person as well as another cat. I would be best suited to a person who is retired or who will always be working from home full time.

    I love to run and play with my kitten and cat friends until I get exhausted and then I find a bed or lounge chair to cuddle into and go to sleep. I love to sit and sleep on laps and really enjoy being patted and having lots of hugs and kisses. I spend a lot of time going between indoors and outdoors. I always sleep and have my meals indoors. I like to sleep with my cat friends during the day and at night also cuddle up in bed with adults or sleep quite close-by.

    I am not looking for a flat, townhouse or unit type living as I am used to being able to go outdoors whenever I feel like running or playing in the garden or just to enjoy being outside in the fresh air. I romp around inside the house as well as outside on the grass and run under and around the plants. I need a backyard to play in that is fenced to keep me safe away from dogs or anything that could harm me. I am not suitable cat enclosures as I enjoy my free spirit. I have not yet experienced a cat flap in the external back door but if one was available it would give me the opportunity to go out and return back in whenever I wanted to.

    I am quite affectionate and I always come running when called. I am happy and content with normal surroundings but I get very nervous when faced with a new situation. My carers have given me lots of love and care but I have not been exposed to young children or dogs and therefore I am very scared of dogs, children and strangers.

    My new forever family will need to have a lot of patience while I get over my fear of strange places and strange people. Until I eventually settle in I probably will hide in tiny spaces and be too afraid to come out. After I get to know my new forever owner, I expect to be given lots of love and cuddles and reassurance to help me get over being so timid and frightened.

    I am very intelligent and my gentle, sweet, kind and loving nature will make my new forever owner very happy.

    Located in Rouse Hill NSW (Hill Shire Council LGA)

    Curley Sue (Susie) was adopted on 26 November 2021 after 1 year in foster care



    Domestic Short Hair - female

    KitKat is looking for a new family home to call her own. She is a friendly, happy cat who is seeking a home where she can be part of the family.

    She has come from a home with young kids and enjoys their company and used to sleep on their beds. She is fine with other animals and seems to be ok with other cats. She is not a fussy cat and is easy to get along with and loves attention.

    KitKat has been an inside/outside cat however is preferred to be kept indoors.
    She is litter trained.

    She is used to being feed twice a day with both wet and dry food.

    She has not been previously vaccinated and has received a health check and 1st vaccination on 27/10. She will need a 2nd vaccination on the 27/11 which is not included within this adoption fee.

    Kitkat was desexed 19/6/2020.
    She has been wormed 27/10.
    She has been given a Bravecto 3 month Flea and Tick prevention treatment on 27/10.

    She unfortunately had to be surrendered due to on-going medical issues with a member of her previous family and came from a loving home and owner who wants to see the best for Kitkat. They want to see Kitkat in a home who can give her the love and attention she needs on a day to day basis.

    If you can provide Kitkat a loving new home please contact us and tell us about your home or family so that we can review and see if Kitkat would be a suitable fit.

    KitKat was adopted on 21 November 2021 after 4 weeks in foster care



    Domestic Short Hair - female

    Meet beautiful gentle little Possum.

    Possum loves nothing more than to play with her toys and then crash out on your lap and purr. She is such a gentle little girl who’s favourite toys are her foam balls. She will happily sit on your lap for hours.
    Possum has found a friend in our 3 year old cat, they chase each other playfully and love to just sit and watch the other play.
    Possum will suit any home who has the time to give her the love and cuddles she craves and deserves, she loves to be with you and will search the house to find you, she is still nervous of loud noises but I am sure she will overcome that as she gets older.


    She has been desexed and has received her 1st F3 Vaccination and will require 2 additional vaccinations to be completed by the new owner.

    Possum was adopted on 20 November 2021 after 1 month in foster care



    DSH - male

    Echo is a friendly kitten once he gets to know to you. He will call out with a little meow for attention and he will rub up to your hand for affection. He does not like being alone and enjoys company.

    He's got a little abnormality with his eye where one is smaller than the other and has a lazy eye with a mis-aligned lens. It does not seem to affect him and he is happy and ready to find his forever home.

    He's been microchipped desexed, fully F3 vaccinated, wormed and has had flea prevention treatments.

    Located in Acacia Gardens

    Echo was adopted on 20 November 2021 after 11 months in foster care



    Australian Cattle Dog (Blue) - female

    Oreo has come into care from a Western Sydney pound.
    Oreo is a lovely young and energetic female Australian Cattle Dog (Blue) and is looking for a new loving forever family.

    Oreo was adopted on 08 November 2021 after 2 months in foster care



    Jack Russell X - male

    Boss has been surrendered into foster care due to changes to life circumstances with the owner and his current living situation was not conducive to happy life for him. Boss is now looking for a loving new family. He was originally from the litter of a family friend of the previous owner and he had him for five years so has not had much change in his life so will need some time to adjust.

    Boss is Microchipped as a Jack Russell Terrier but his owner advises he is a Jack Russell X Chihuahua Mix.

    Male, Desexed
    5 Years 7 Months old.
    Brown and white, small to medium size

    Boss is very excitable. When new people are introduced or visit, he will still uncontrollably urinate out of excitement. If interacting with other animals, they may dislike his high energy and he is used to being the only dog in the home.

    Boss has been currently, living indoors with his previous owner. He is used to live in his old house with a backyard for 5 years but preferred to be inside. He lived inside at night.

    His previous exercise routine was 30 minutes to an hour walk a couple times a week.

    He eats three meals a day. Dry food for breakfast and lunch, wet food for dinner.

    He appears to be ok with another animas and kids but his excitement level might be too much for some dogs to handle.

    He has some separation anxiety. Will sometimes bark loudly if left alone and if the previous owner leaves view when leaving home. He can be very excited about other people and dogs, may jump on hind legs.

    He is desexed and his vaccinations are currently up to date.

    Expressions of interest are welcome and will arrange for the most suitable application or two to have a meet and greet with him at a local park outdoors. If your interested in Boss please supply as much detail as you can in your initial enquiry explaining why he would be a food fit for your home.

    Currently Located in the Parklea, Quakers Hill area however location may change depending on our foster carers arrangements.

    He is not available for interstate adoptions.

    Boss was adopted on 05 November 2021 after 1 weeks in foster care



    German Shepherd - male

    Busta is a beautiful, big fluff ball who loves to hang out with his foster carer and family. He's so gentle and loves a scratch or a cuddle.

    Busta is a senior dog who takes one tablet a day to deal with a hip problem. He will be on that medication for the rest of his life.

    Busta is great with people, children and other dogs. He is never lived with a cat and is probably not suited for a household with a dog.

    He is and indoor dog and is looking for someone who will give him the care and love he needs in his senior years.

    Thanks to Carmen, David, Jon, Michael, Nikita and Rosemary for their generous donations towards Busta's additional vet bills. His costs have now been fully covered.

    Busta was adopted on 05 November 2021 after 2 months in foster care