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Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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German Shepherd - female

Hi, my name is Nala and I'm a stunning 4-year German Shepherd. I'm very athletic and love the water and playing with a ball. I'm good with older children and adults but take a while to get to know other dogs. I currently live with 3 other dogs.

Around the house, I'm incredibly quiet and love to lie in my bed. I would make an ideal member of an active family who want me to join them and be part of their life. I'm and indoor dog.

I would benefit from further training whether that's formal training or learning from another dog in the household or family member who knows about dog training. I'm great on re-call but not so good on walking on the lead.

Best of all I'm smaller than the average GSD, weigh only 21kgs and make a great family dog. I'm also well suited to couples and singles who aren't going to leave me alone for long stretches of time.

Nala was adopted on 01 November 2021 after 3 weeks in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - male

Archie is a super sweet and truly affectionate boy.

He loves his humans and must be with them as much as possible.
He constantly checks on our whereabouts and is always ready for snuggles.

When i am too busy to stop for cuddles, he follows me around and rubs up against my legs. If he cant find me he will call out to me, he is quite a vocal cat and he likes to talk to anyone that will listen.

He loves to chase balls that rattle or have bells and enjoys speeding around with his foster brother on the racetrack also known as my lounge room. He is very gentle so would be suitable with young children

Archie doesn't like to be on his own, so a home with plenty of people to keep him company would be best.
He loves to splash in his water bowl and sit on the highest place he can find, i assume he needs the best view to keep an watchful and loving eye on his humans.

Best suited to an indoor home where his new family are home a lot, as he does get separation anxiety when left on his own.

Archie has been desexed, wormed, microchipped and vaccinated and is ready for adoption.

Located at Kingswood.

Archie was adopted on 26 October 2021 after 1 month in foster care



Beagle x Lab - male

Harley is a lovely easy going dog who would make a perfect family dog for anyone who wants a gentle, friendly dog. Don't let the white face fool you he really is only 6 years old.

Harley gets on well with other dogs. He currently lives with 5 other dogs and previously lived with a small 20 year old dog. He previously lived with a cat.

Harley doesn't pull on the lead and needs a good walk for at least half an hour a day. Being part Beagle he likes to explore so a secure backyard is extremely important.

He is very family oriented and, as such, is an indoor dog and needs to be in a home where there is someone around the majority of the time.

His gentle and easy going nature makes him a great family dog.

Harley was adopted on 23 October 2021 after 1 weeks in foster care



Jack Russell terrier x - male

Meet Gus the gentle giant. Gus is microchipped as a jack Russell terrier cross but don’t be fooled as he weighs about 35kgs. He is very sociable with other dogs and loves people. His previous owner surrendered him due to having to urgently move and could not take him with them. Gus has a great personality. Due to his size, Gus is not suited to an apartment or unit and he will require a fully fenced backyard with daily exercise. Gus will be available for adoption after 11th October however expressions of interest are now being taken

Gus was adopted on 17 October 2021 after 2 weeks in foster care



Persian - female

Misty is a purebred Persian kitty that comes with papers and a registered name. She has some special needs and won't be right for all homes, but she'll make a rewarding companion to that special someone.

Through no fault of her own, Misty had gone through a few homes before being being surrendered to DCH. She was badly matted and needed to be fully clipped to remove all of her uncomfortable matts, and spent the first few months running away and hiding from her foster carer.

She eventually progressed to snoozing near her foster carer's head while they slept, and slowly but surely, stopped darting away as soon as they opened their eyes, and very gradually started accepting pats.

Misty is a sweet girl who will often meow at you and stand juuuuust out of your reach so you can't pat her, but will 'knead the air' as if she's making biscuits and shake her tail while talking to you.
She definitely wants love, affection and pats, but struggles with fast movements. She isn't a fan of being picked up, but once you have her snuggled on your chest she will start purring and kneading.

Her preference is to come up to you for pats on her own accord. Her favourite is to come up to you when you're relaxing on the couch at night. She will walk slowly along the top of the couch and meow at you, so you can slowly and gently give her lots of neck scratches and pats - she LOVES them!

She enjoys being near the other cats in her foster carers home and ignores the resident dog.

She would suit an indoor only home without loud, rambunctious children.

Misty had ongoing eye issues with a corneal sequestrum and entropion that required specialist surgery.
The specialist vet performed the quite complicated surgery that involved sewing a piece of donor eyeball onto her damaged section of eye.

The surgery was a success and Misty is now fully healed, but she does require ongoing eye maintenance.

The final costs were $1,655.70. Any assistance with sponsoring some of these fees would be greatly appreciated.

Misty requires regular eye drops/lubrication to ensure her comfort moving forward. Her new owner must be willing to apply these drops daily, as well as maintaining her brushing schedule to avoid matts.
(Or as an alternative, arrange 3monthly visits with a cat groomer to have her shaved)

Misty was adopted on 16 October 2021 after 9 months in foster care



DSH - male

If you are looking for the perfect cat, then look no further.
Jaffa is a sweet little boy who came into care on 26th September.

Jaffa settled into his foster home within a few hours and won the hearts of his whole foster family. He is sweet, gentle and just adorable.

Jaffa loves his food and is quite vocal when he is hungry, actually he is vocal when he wants attention also, all very cute. He will come to anyone in the house when called, he just loves to get pats and attention but is also happy to chill out on his bed or on the carpet in the sun.

Jaffa is happy with other cats, his foster family have 2 adult cats and he has already won them over, he just looks at them with his beautiful eyes and they melt.

Jaffa just wants a home where he can eat, sleep and gets lots of cuddles, this little boy has a beautiful nature and is very well behaved in the home.

Jaffa is fully litter trained and will be available 16th October, indoor cat only.

Jaffa was adopted on 15 October 2021 after 3 weeks in foster care



Pomeranian - male

Hi! I'm Bedroom eyes Barney. I'm crossed with another breed. I weigh 9kgs and height-wise I come up just below the knee.
I'm cute as a button and waiting to meet a family who has a lot of patience when it comes to grooming. I was found wandering along the streets when the Ranger picked me up and kept me safe until my Rescue group collected me. Due to having been neglected, I have a lot of matted fur. My carer bathed the underside of me and I just loved rolling on the grass afterwards as she tried to dry me. My hair is slowly growing back and will continue to do so with quality food and care. My Vet has advised that someone has tried to shave me but this is the wrong grooming technique for my kind of double-coat fur, therefore, this hair loss can take up to 2 years to grow back.
I am very affectionate and I love laying next to my human. If my human stops patting me, I gently coax her hand back to where it was... I get on well with other dogs and am good on walks. I don't really know crossing the street manners, however am keen to learn. I do not bark, lunge or react, I just toddle along sniffing and enjoying the walk.
I do however know how to sit, stay, shake hands and am very gentle when being hand-fed treats.
I'm not great in the car and can become anxious after about 20 minutes.
I have a systemic heart murmur which means I will be on heart tablets for life. I started on 1/2 x 2.5mg Cardisure twice daily since my Vet visit. The medication can cost between $50-$100 / month depending on the quality of medication.
If after considering the above, I still sound appealing to you, please arrange to send my carer a detailed e-mail advising I'm yours for life, not just in lockdown and that you will look after all of my needs, especially my magnificent coat and heart. I will be spayed on 22nd September and will be available about 2 weeks after that. ***I have been placed on hold due to a number of suitable applicants.***
Hope you enjoyed your read, Due to having a limited lifespan, Barney has been adopted by his foster mum.

Barney was adopted on 14 October 2021 after 1 month in foster care

Ash & Zac

Ash & Zac

Domestic Short Hair - male

These gorgeous boys were adopted from DCH as bonded kittens in 2017, then age 2 months. 

Unfortunately, their mum has had to surrender them and DCH always takes back animals previously adopted from us - regardless of the circumstances. 

Zac (our ginger boy) was initially the more adventurous of the two, happily playing with his carer's resident kitty. Ash was a little more cautious but it didn't take too long for them both to settle into their new home and now they play and race around the house with the other foster kitties.

A bit of patience and lots of love with these boys will be well worth it. They are very affectionate and love to curl up close at night. Zac likes to curl up on a pillow and Ash tends to settle down on his carer's feet.

They are never far away when their carer settles on the couch for a night in watching TV and jostle for best position on her lap.

Monday to Friday they can often be found keeping their carer company while she's working, although they spend most of the time asleep on her desk. They'll often wake up and pay attention if they hear another voice during a meeting and then they want in on the chat letting everyone know what they think.

They enjoy a bit of time outside playing chase amongst the flowers but they need an outdoor space that is cat proof.

These boys would love a furever home together soon, so if you are looking for a couple of more mature kitties to join your family who like lots of attention but who are also happy to relax and laze around in a warm sunny spot these are the boys for you.

The boys are microchipped and desexed and are up to date with their vaccinations and flea and worming treatments.

If you are interested in learning more about these boys or would like to visit them at their foster home, contact their carer, Julie.

Ash & Zac was adopted on 13 October 2021 after 7 months in foster care

Violet & Rosie

Violet & Rosie

Domestic Short Hair - female

Originally taken into care with their 2 brothers, these cute little girls were adopted from DCH but were with their new family only a couple of months before being surrendered back to DCH due to a change in circumstances.

Violet (our grey and white sweetie) was the smallest kitten of the litter but her size doesn’t stop her and she’ll get in there for a rough and tumble with her sister and the other foster kitties she’s sharing a home with. She’s full of energy, very inquisitive and playful and if she’s going somewhere…she’s running.

Rosie is quite playful and enjoys chasing around the house with the other kitties too. She doesn’t often demand attention but when she does she’s not quiet about it and has the cutest little squeak.

Both girls can be picked up and cuddled although not for long and they are still getting used to it but they are happy to sit on their carer's lap and be stroked.

Before snuggling up together on their carer’s bed to sleep, they enjoy watching nature programs on TV, David Attenborough is a favourite.

The girls would love a new furever home together. They are vaccinated, desexed and microchipped so are ready to meet their new family.

If you are interested in learning more about these cuties or would like to visit them at their foster home, contact their carer, Julie.

Violet & Rosie was adopted on 12 October 2021 after 1 month in foster care



shd - male

Cheddar is a male short haired boy who was brought into care as a stray along with two brothers and a sister. One brother and his sister have already been rehomed.
He was shy when he came into care but is coming out of his shell now that he has been moved to a different house with different cats. He purrs when you pat him and rubs up against your face. He eats quality dry food and fish wet food.
he's a very sweet natured boy who gets along with other cats and kittens as well as a small terrier type dog.

cheddar needs to be rehomed to a quiet house otherwise gets stressed.

Cheddar was adopted on 06 October 2021 after 9 months in foster care