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Success Stories

Below are some stories from people who've adopted a rescue pet from DCH Animal Adoptions.

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Diana and Camilla

Diana and Camilla

Hi Judith

My two lovely girls are doing very well. They have settled in so quickly it seems like they have been with me forever. They seem to like their new home and jump the back fence all the time to go exploring. I have even had the man down the back say that they were stealing his cats food! They love visitors and are so friendly and get to sleep on my bed every night. They are very spoiled but they deserve it as they give me so much joy

All in all they are the lights of my life

it is so nice to come home to them instead of an empty house. They are always there to greet me, even though it is mainly because they want their dinner!

Diana and Camilla were adopted on 20/5/05 after just over 1 year in foster care.