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Success Stories

Below are some stories from people who've adopted a rescue pet from DCH Animal Adoptions.

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I adopted Dot as a kitten in 2009. She was brought up in a student sharehouse, quickly accruing friends and felt right at home amongst the many people who would come through our house each week. Life's a bit calmer for her these days, but she still comes running every afternoon when I get home, and aside from digging up my planter box occasionally I couldn't ask for a better cat and companion.




Sulo was found as a 4 week old kitten thrown in the bottom of a rubbish bin (Sulo bin hence her name). After being cared for by DCH she came into our lives and 7 years later she still rules the roost and reigns over our dog!




After living overseas for five years and travelling a lot, I was very unsettled when I came back to Australia. My friends (who had two cats that I always played with) thought it would help me to settle if I had my own cat so they decided to get me a cat for Xmas in 2007. We combed a number of rescue sites for weeks before I saw Riley (now regularly referred to as Prince Riley of Oz) and fell in love with him. I still don’t know what is was about him that made him stand out from the hundreds of other kittens looking for a forever home but he was the perfect choice for me.

Riley and I bonded almost immediately when I picked him up and we have best buds for 7 going on 8 years. He is the centre of my universe and everyone that meets him love him. He still has a playful kitten attitude and we play chase and hide and seek regularly (my neighbours think I’m crazy buy they love him and play with him when they think I’m not watching).

We have a morning routine of cuddles which has me carrying him around to each of the windows to look out before he joins me on the yoga mat for some stretching.

My favourite time of day is coming home from work when he greets me at the door and I love the way his tail sticks up straight as he runs to me.

He is happy and healthy and I’m so glad I found him on DCH website. He is the best companion in the world and I can’t image my life without him.



Lola came into our lives some 7 years ago as a mature 6 year old lady. She was loving and loyal. Sadly she suddenly passed away 4 years later but, there is still a picture of her on our fridge and she is still remembered as one of our family. She gave us so much love in the 4 short years that we had her. Thanks DCH for sending her to us.




I found Isabella and some of her brothers and sisters at my unit block last year. Unfortunately not all survived but Roslyn from DCH nursed Isabella and her sister back to health. I visited often and fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. It was the best decision ever as Isabella has the most wonderful personality, is so affectionate and is my constant companion. Unfortunately, I have spoilt her so much she has turned into a bit of a princess but I couldn't do without her now.


Prince Moses an Baxter Nobo

Prince Moses an Baxter Nobo

From rescuing a ragdoll kitten I was hooked.. After another adoption for a another rag doll fell thru, I had all but given up..

Finding the listing for my two stunning boys, they needed a new place to call home.

I felt for their owners. But I knew they where the ones. Since they have come to live on our farm. They have both become the most loving an sweet smoochie boys, I can not thank DCH enough nor Ben :-).



We got Major in November 2005. He had been dumped at three weeks of age along with his 7 siblings. When we saw Major we were instantly won over by his beautiful nature. This year Major is turning 10 and i couldn't imagine my life without him. He has been a friend / playmate to my two children and my companion. He is always at my feet and we always say he is my shadow.

Edward Mandela

Edward Mandela

I wanted to adopt.

I looked on your website and saw a cute Orange kitten. He is now called Edward. Your foster carer Sarah invited me over to meet him and I spent a delightful hour with Sarah and 3 lively kittens.

At night Edward sleeps on my bed as Sarah predicted he would. He stands on me at night and purrs very loudly,waking me up to pat him. He often lays across my body so I can stroke his back and belly. It is a great Life..but I am the lucky one. I truly won the cat lottery when Edward came into our lives.

Your foster carers are amazing. I am so thrilled I met Sarah and Edward came into our lives. I cannot imagine life without him.

Kind Regards,
Sharon from Corrimal.




I adopted Tilley a 6-9 month old cat who had a litter

She is beautiful, here is some pic


Oscar and Lexie

Oscar and Lexie

Hi Judie,

We adopted brother and sister Oscar and Lexie in 2005. They are both alive and well and still almost as energetic as they were back then, being cross Border Collie Labs, they've always enjoyed the outdoor activities.