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DSH - male - 6 years and 5 months

Update 29/7/17: YES GG is still looking for a home - a victim of bad photo's - if you're after an established adult cat please give Jeni a call as she has GG and several others that might be your perfect new companion.

G.G. (White and Tabby on the right in photo) was the last kitten to be caught and he also was not happy about his capture. He has dealt with being caught by almost immediately going to sleep on your chest when picked up. He still will go to sleep on you if he is not happy or sure what is happening to him he went on a display day for DCH to a rescue friendly petshop and he fell asleep on anyone who picked him up. He originally grumbled when he was was picked up and gained the name Grumpy Guts (G.G. for short) but now he purrs when he is picked up. He does not like going to bed at night and is extremely good at the game of 'catch me if you can' and then happily settles down for his dinner. He loves to play with a stick with a ribbon tied on the end of it. G.G. is the complete opposite to his brother in size. He is built like a tank and because of this finds it difficult to climb things even though he does try to keep chasing his siblings when they climb up on something. He will often sit upon his haunches like a meerkat when he wants to see what is going on.

G.G has been in foster care since 30 July 2011, for 6 years



DSH - female - 6 years and 9 months

Hi, My name is Jessica. I came into DCH foster care at about 3 weeks old as I did a silly thing. I was born in a produce store and I went off wandering away from my mum on my own and found myself under a pallet that was just about to be lifted by a big machine. Just as well the driver saw me and he was a nice man and picked me up and put me in a box with a warm towel. I was so lucky he saw me as I would have been squashed by the prongs on the fork-lift. I was also lucky that they knew my foster carer and she knew how to bottle feed kittens and she looked after me till I was big and healthy.

I love playing with other cats and kittens. When I was smaller I loved chasing my tail as it has a little light coloured bit on the end. After catching my tail a few times I realised that it was attached to me and biting it as I caught it hurt, so I rarely do that any more now I chase the other cats tails or the dogs tail. My favourite toy is a piece of bamboo with a ribbon tied on the end. I love to jump high trying to catch the ribbons but I also love to drag the stick around and I can even maneuver it through the cat tunnel. I also love to chew up pieces of paper and I carry out the toilet roll centre when someone puts it on the floor they are fun to chew up also.

I am a fairly smoochy girl when there are no other cats around and will spend time with the people in my family, but if there are other cats around I would rather play with them, so I may be better as an only cat. I do have one problem - I don't like taking tablets, or being treated with any other medications, so my foster mum wraps a towel around me so I can't struggle, and then she gives me my medication eg: worming tablets. I'm a very clever girl also, and also like to get my own way and also like to have the best sleeping place. When it is cold I like to crawl into peoples clothing to keep warm you can see how cute I look in the picture of me I had climbed into a lovely warm wool shirt, and had my picture taken.

Jessica has been in foster care since 09 August 2011, for 6 years



DSH - female - 5 years and 10 months

Sasha is a beautifully natured cat who loves to follow you around and is very smoochy.

She is however very timid with any strangers who visit.

Sasha was hand raised with her 2 brothers after her mum left the 3 of them when they were 10 days old.

She is more interested in being with people than with other cats, even though she gets along extremely well with other cats and our large dogs.

Sasha will need a reasonable amount of time to settle in if you think she is the one you want to live with your family.

Her brothers took some time to settle in to their new homes and are doing extremely well and Sasha should also prove to be a wonderful companion if she is given the time to adjust to a new environment.

**Thanks to S.Barnett for sponsorshing Sasha's desexing**

Sasha has been in foster care since 20 September 2012, for 4.9 years



DSH - female - 4 years and 8 months

Update 29/7/17:

Why has the beautiful Jaffa still not found a home?? She's been in care since she was 6 weeks old and has been with her foster carer since. Contact us if you can give Jaffa that permanent home she deserves.

Jaffa loves to play outside during the day. She is adventurous and curious and friendly. She loves to sleep on our bed each night making sure her head is laying on one of our legs. Jaffa is shy around other people but very secure with her foster family.

Jaffa currently lives with two other cats and gets on well with them, so would be suitable for a home with existing pets. She would suit a couple or single person without children. She loves to be patted and sits on our lap when we pick her up and put her there. She is a sweet little thing with a cheeky attitude.

If you think you would like to offer your home to share, please call to arrange to meet Jaffa at her temporary home in Pitt Town.

The adoption fee for Jaffa includes de-sexing, microchipping, and up to date vaccinations and worm treatments.

Jaffa has been in foster care since 30 January 2013, for 4.5 years



DSH - female - 5 years and 9 months

Cherry is a very friendly girl as she gets to know you - once that purr motor starts it keeps going and going!

Cherry is a gentle and loving girl; she loves cuddles and will keep you company all day if allowed, by following you around and talking in little trills and meows. She can also be both playful and cheeky.

She has a gorgeously thick soft coat and beautiful markings. Cherry is fine with other cats and is happy to be around our cat-friendly dogs. She uses the scratching posts provided and is very clean with her litter tray.

Although she can be shy with new people and surroundings, Cherry blossoms once she knows and trusts you - so much so that she now loves to nibble on our fingers and toes!! She is such a lovely girl that just needs that bit of extra time.

Cherry is looking for an indoor home with a loving family who will make it easy for her to settle in. The family can include another cat-friendly pet.
You are welcome to visit Cherry, who is located at Mount Annan.

Cherry is microchipped, and de-sexed.

Cherry has been in foster care since 30 January 2013, for 4.5 years



DSH - male - 4 years and 8 months

Hey there, my name is Piccolo, but I answer to Pic or Wicky when I don't have my selective hearing on, lol.
So I've been in foster care for 4 years and only ever had one inquiry, which was years ago. It's a bit weird as I'm such a handsome fellow.
I do have a few health issues but if you can help me keep my weight off it may not be such an issue. As many of you might relate I find it hard to lose the KGs, I just love food so much.

Speaking about things I love, I also love to sleep and sleep in foster mums bed snuggled up next to her every night. During the day I find one of my many beds throughout the house. I go through phases of which is my fav.
I don't play much anymore, but if your going to walk around with a shoelace sliding along the floor, I'll chase it.

I don't mind other cats but lately I have become a bit stressed when new foster kittens have come to live with us. I would love nothing more than a furrever home that doesn't have cats coming and going.

I'm not outgoing but I'm also not timid. I will chill in the bedroom when visitors come around and come out to say hi (and see if they will feed me) after a short amount of time. I prefer to come to people in my own time. If your my hooman/s I will love you dearly and come to you straight away (hoping for some food).
Piccolo is excited to meet you and his foster carer can explain his possible health issues.

**Piccolo has had a few medical issues while in care including a blocked urinary tract. His vet fees have come to just over $1,000. If you can assist with a donation to help us cover these additional costs please see below for details.**

Piccolo has been in foster care since 07 March 2013, for 4.4 years



Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 years and 9 months

UPDATED 14 July 2017:

Alina is a beautiful girl who was Rescued from Death Row with her 6 kittens. She came into care extremely underweight but has now gained back her condition and is looking great!

Alina needs a home with no dogs as she is scared of mine, she is a nice girl who would also like to have an indoor / outdoor home. She is available to go to her home now so if you think she would fit in with you please email us.

Located in Windsor NSW area.

Alina has been in foster care since 16 November 2013, for 3.8 years



DSH - female - 3 years and 10 months

UPDATE: 17 June 2017

I have such a sweet nature and will show you how much I love you by rubbing up against your feet every which way I can, the second you get home and take your shoes off. In fact, I must confess that I have a massive foot fetish! Feet, socks and shoes. I love them. And the stinkier the better. I’ll give you a foot massage at the end of a long day, or you can just let me stick my head inside your runners after a workout!

I’m a young lady, but I’ve been looking for love for a long time - two and a half years in fact. That’s almost my whole life.

My brother and I were found in a box at the back of a car park. We were just tiny kittens then, and I’ve since blossomed into a wonderful cat - beautiful and friendly. I’ve loved staying with my wonderful foster carer, but it’s high time I found a home to call my very own.

I love giving attention, but I can be a little shy about receiving it. Let’s lay on the couch together - I’ll nudge and purr, you just sit back and enjoy.

My bucket list: To be queen of my very own castle. I do love to perch myself up high and watch all the goings on.

My ideal match: A home where I can be free to do my own thing, and get plenty of attention at a time and in a manner of my choosing. I’d really prefer all your love to myself. I think after my rough start in life I deserve to be spoiled. So a home without other pets, or very young children would be ideal.

I’ve got a great appetite, am toilet trained and ready for a loving forever home. If you can offer me a forever home please call or email to arrange a meeting at Redfern.

Claire has been in foster care since 28 November 2013, for 3.7 years



DSH - female - 4 years and 2 months

Hello. This is Frenchie. My foster mum rescued me from a pound when I was a very scared pregnant cat. She helped me give birth to and to look after my 3 beautiful kittens - who she also found lovely homes for. I’ve been cared for by her for around two years now, but I’d really like my own furever home soon……

Frenchie is very affectionate, and does like a good pat from her trusted humans whenever possible. She also likes being outdoors, but we suspect she’d spent more time indoors at home if one of the three other cats in the household wasn’t quite so bossy! That said, she brushes noses on a daily basis with the small dog with whom she lives very happily.

Since Frenchie is still timid around visitors, she would no doubt thrive best in a quiet home where she is the only feline, and would like access to a garden…..Perhaps , with a cat friendly canine companion.

Frenchie is located in Glenorie, and is available for personal visits. Her adoption fee includes microchipping, desexing and up to date vaccinations.

Frenchie has been in foster care since 17 December 2013, for 3.7 years



DSH - female - 3 years and 10 months

Gorgeous placid girl who is quite happy just being around people. She is very unassuming and would make a wonderful playmate for an existing pet. Extremely low maintenance and with such a beautiful face she will fit into any home.She has been raised with other cats and young children.

23/8/14: Unfortunately 2 weeks ago Olivia broke her hip. Thankfully the vets say she will make a full recovery after surgery, however she needs about 6 weeks for rehabilitation. So far Olivia's vet bills have come to $1,114. If you can help sponsor Olivia's additional expenses please contact us.

Oct 2015: Olivia is still looking for her forever family and remains in foster care. If you can help sponsor Olivia's additional expenses from her broken hip then please contact us.

Olivia has been in foster care since 19 December 2013, for 3.7 years