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Kelpie Cross - female - 3 months and 4 weeks

Hi I'm Tina, and a natural model! Can you see the photos of me loving my bush walks?? That's also the latest one of me with the pink collar, watching over all my new friends. I was transported from a Country pound along with 3 siblings. I am really good with both other dogs and super curious of kittens, and I'm currently living with two cats. I was born about the end of February which makes me approximately 12 weeks old. I'm pure black, full of energy and super eager to please when you're training me!
I have been microchipped and wormed and have had the first of three monthly vaccinations and I'm desexed - in other words I'm all ready to be all yours! I'm currently located in Eastwood, and you can contact my carer Jo on 0401 900696.
I'd love to meet you soon so I can settle into my forever home!

Tina has been in foster care since 25 April 2018, for 2 months



DSH - male - 3 months and 1 weeks

Bob and his brother came into care after their mum gave birth on the streets. Bob was scared for the first two nights but now loves his cuddles and purrs away happily when getting affection.

He is used to school age kids and is happy to be carried around and to be a lap cat watching TV.

Bob is still only new to the home life, so he still hisses occasionally at new things (like the first time seeing dogs) but he's adapting very well and is growing into a gorgeous, playful, loving little man.

If you have some cat experience and loving home to offer then Bob is ready and waiting to meet you.

Bob is currently located at the PETstock Adoption Enclosure at the Penrith Store

Bob has been in foster care since 10 May 2018, for 1 month

Gracie and Frankie

Gracie and Frankie

DSH - female - 4 months and 4 weeks

These delightful sisters are very bonded and are looking for a home together.

Gracie and Frankie has been in foster care since 22 May 2018, for 1 month



Jack Russell cross Cattle - female - 8 months

Hi Everyone,

I'm Lady, or practicing to be one! I arrived at my foster home in Sutherland after a two day journey from a Country pound. When my carer picked me up I was so happy I wiggled and licked her so much that she had to sit in the back seat of the car for another short journey. On the way home, we walked the last 2 blocks back to her place and met some of the neighbours. A little boy came running out and put his arms around me. He said he loved me. Wow, how good is that? So that's what they call Love at First Sight! I met my step sisters (Maybe I should have been called Cinderella!) who are much older than me, so they don't have the energy to play with me, so I need to be walked daily. I'm learning commands and don't pull on the lead. I love to sit beside you and I love my food and treats. I'm not yet toilet trained but I learnt how to use the doggy door in about 1 minute flat. I have pink skin around my right eye so it will need protection from the sun. I've had the first of two C5 vaccinations and have been booked in to be desexed. I am a slender 9kgs. You can see that I travel well, am child friendly, love life and would love a life with you. Can you offer me a furever home? Feel free to contact my carer even if I haven't been desexed yet. I will wait for you. Just as a precaution, adult supervision should be arranged when Lady is around small children, in case they are unsteady on their feet.

Lady has been in foster care since 17 June 2018, for 1 weeks



Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 months and 3 weeks

Introducing “PEPPER”… This cute little girl is now up for adoption through Riverstone Veterinary Hospital. “Pepper” is a super attractive domestic shorthair kitten. She was the runt of the litter, and at 5 months old is still only pint size. But don’t let her tiny size fool you, she makes up for her lack of height with her HUGE personality!! She is highly affectionate, will cuddle up on your shoulder or lap to sleep, purrs like a motor, loves to be scratched and brushed, is VERY playful, full of charisma and will charm the pants off everyone she meets! This little girl is full of love and craves attention!
“Pepper” is fully litter and house trained.

“Pepper” has had full veterinary health checks and is up to date with preventative treatments for fleas and intestinal worms. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and will come with be desexed prior to being rehomed. All appropriate documentation will be supplied to you.

If you are interested in this kitten please come down to Riverstone Veterinary Hospital on Tuesday-Friday between 3.30pm-7pm or Saturday from 9am-2pm or call us on (02) 9627 4011



DSH - female - 3 months and 3 weeks

Wallnut is a lovely brown and black tortie. She was rescued with her sisters from a warehouse cat colony. She was approx. 8 weeks old when she was found, and was small for her age as she had worms and fleas. She was also quite wary. Now she is clean, healthy and just wants snuggles and playtime like any other kitty. She especially loves comfy sunny spots, curled up with her sisters.

Wallnut has been wormed and vaccinated. The adoption process includes desexing.

Wallnut would love to be rehomed with her sister Panther, if possible.

If you think you could provide Wallnut a loving indoor only home, please get in contact for a meeting.

Wallnut can be viewed in Liverpool by making contact with her carer, Loui, on: 0403291078.

Wallnut has been in foster care since 08 May 2018, for 1 month



DSH - female - 5 years and 6 months

Update 29/7/17:

Why has the beautiful Jaffa still not found a home?? She's been in care since she was 6 weeks old and has been with her foster carer since. Contact us if you can give Jaffa that permanent home she deserves.

Jaffa loves to play outside during the day. She is adventurous and curious and friendly. She loves to sleep on our bed each night making sure her head is laying on one of our legs. Jaffa is shy around other people but very secure with her foster family.

Jaffa currently lives with two other cats and gets on well with them, so would be suitable for a home with existing pets. She would suit a couple or single person without children. She loves to be patted and sits on our lap when we pick her up and put her there. She is a sweet little thing with a cheeky attitude.

If you think you would like to offer your home to share, please call to arrange to meet Jaffa at her temporary home in Pitt Town.

The adoption fee for Jaffa includes de-sexing, microchipping, and up to date vaccinations and worm treatments.

Jaffa has been in foster care since 30 January 2013, for 5.3 years



staffy X - male - 2 years and 4 months

What a seriously gorgeous and handsome boy Charlie is. Originally owned by a couple, then placed into a pound after being shuffled through a few different homes. Finally he has found himself in the company of friends and he loves it.
Charlie's nature is very sweet and evenly tempered. He is gently playful given he really is only a young boy and has lots to experience. He understands simple commands and is very friendly and eager to please. Sleeps in at night on his bed and is fully toilet trained, not fussy with his food or over needy. What we must state clearly is that Charlie loves company, he has to have company, his just that type of personality. At the moment he is in care with both cats and dogs and enjoys them both. From what we can see he seems to not be a reactive type of dog either. He is a strong boy though. He walks well on a lead and needs his daily exercise. We feel Charlie would be suited to a family with another dog of similar disposition or a stay home parent or indvidual. Charlie is great with children also, even though this is the case, supervision is always recommend when with a dog of Charlie's size.
If you wish to meet Charlie he is in care at Cabarita NSW.
Contact DCH carer Maurice on 0411899220

Charlie has been in foster care since 22 February 2018, for 4 months

Mollie & Ellie

Mollie & Ellie

Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 months

Ellie and Mollie were rescued as small kittens They both have different personalities and together as pair are a fantastic duo. They enjoy a pat and a cuddle and love to play.

Ellie and Mollie are looking to be rehomed together.

They have been given their 1st & 2nd Vaccination, microchip, worming and are desexed.

They are located in Rouse Hill and are available now.

Mollie & Ellie has been in foster care since 19 February 2018, for 4 months



DSH - female - 8 months and 1 weeks

Pixie is one of 4 siblings rescued with Mum from the pound.

All four babies were sick with the cat flu but have made a full recovery.

Pixie is the most timid of the 4 siblings and takes a while to trust. She’s used to being handled by young children but is a bit jumpy initially.

She has a unique personality and loves to talk to her human- usually the one who feeds her as food is very important to Pixie, especially wet food.

Pixie loves to explore, but will run from too much attention unless she trusts you. She’ll stand at your feet and meow at you, sit next to you on the lounge and wait eagerly for feeding times, and communicate her patience to you...

She and her mum, Rosie, play-fight and love each other and it would be lovely to see them go to a home together if looking for a pair.

And, a first for this foster carer after over a dozen cats and kittens, Pixie is a happy drooler!

“In other words, your cat drools when she is feeling exceptionally relaxed and content. They're enjoying your brushing, petting or massaging and it makes them feel so blissed out that their muscles relax, which causes their mouth to open and the 'faucet' turns on. Not to worry…a drooling cat is a happy cat.”

She’s come a long way with patience and gentle affection- when happy, she’ll purr loudly, stick her bum in the air, her tail gets really stiff and she’ll roll over and expose her belly to you. If she’s feeling really content, she’ll even climb on your lap for a nap.

She remains really skittish to loud noises and sudden movements and tendency to run even from us unless on her terms when she turns into the most attention seeking kitten ever.

Pixie has been in foster care since 13 November 2017, for 7 months