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tabby - female - 3 years and 2 months

Luscious and hugely affectionate, Raven has the temperament of Nivarna and the body of Monroe. Forget sleek and minimal, this lady is curvaceous and generous with all she has to offer. Raven moves gracefully and quietly around the house in a sort of peaceful limbo. Finds her way to your side then waits patiently for your touch and caress, she snuggles in, you’ll find it all too hard to resist her loving open nature....this cat is incredibly loving and relaxed.
Raven’s weakness is the gentle stroking of her nose tip up to her beautifully marked forehead and her belly rubs. Those eyes, have you ever seem such big yellow eyes, her gaze warm and meaningful, truly, words cannot describe how openly vulnerable and trusting this cats nature is.
At the moment she is being loved and cared for in a family situation where she has adapted extremely well to moderate background noise and movement. Raven can be startled by yelling and loud noises, this being an unfavorable environment for all animals. Raven lives indoors and loves gazing out of windows, just lazily watching life go by. Fully house trained and prefers the use of flush able paper litter for her deposits. We are looking to re home Raven to a very caring and loving family or persons. She is a cat that needs just that bit more love and attention than most as she has such a giving capacity of herself. I cannot imagine any person who is looking for the loving companionship of a feline species not to be in awe of this cat’s generosity to love and be loved. Raven is an indoor cat.
Raven is being cared for in Silverwater NSW. Contact is Traudy 0415539984 DCH Foster Co Ordinatior.

Raven has been in foster care since 19 August 2017, for 2 months



German shep x cattle - male - 3 months

Hi everyone!

My name is Jack but my foster parents called me Socks (like Socrate, the greek philosopher) because I am all black but I have beautiful white socks on my back paws! I am a little adorable 3 month old puppy, my mum is a German Shepherd x Cattle Dog. I am extremely well built and I will become an excellent medium size guard or company dog!

I am very social and I bond with people instantly, I am very loyal and I never leave my owner's side! Everybody says I am smart and I pick up commands very quickly.

I have been rescued from a pond and I adapted very well into my new life - my favourite part of the day is when I get cuddles!!!

I love play time, but I also like to have a nap with my favourite toy. I make everybody happy as I already sleep well throughout the night!

You will fall in love with me instantly...

And who's a good dog?

...I am a good dog!

Jack has been in foster care since 17 October 2017, for 4 days



Jack Russell X - male - 4 months and 1 weeks

I am a 4 mth old mixed breed pup. My foster Mum doesn’t know my exact breed background however I look and act very much like a Jack Russell. I could also be mixed with a greyhound as I have a very slender body, however unfortunately I can’t tell them exactly what my parents were. My foster Mum thinks I am very handsome so she decided I could live with her until I find my own forever home and she didn’t want me to stay at the Pound where she first saw me.

I am still young so I have a lot of learning to do. I am a very friendly boy. I get on well with my foster mum, kids, their dog and cats although the cats are still getting used to how active I am.

I don’t think I have been on a lead before as when my foster mum first put it on I didn’t know what to do so I sat down. I am still adjusting to being on the lead. I also try to chew it.

I like to sit on the couch next to my foster mum and get pats. At night I have been sleeping in a crate and I dont make a sound all night.

If you would like to meet me I am located in Glenmore Park. I will come microchipped, vaccinated, desexed and I have also been wormed and flea treated. I will be ready to leave for my new forever home after 27th October.

Kobi has been in foster care since 19 October 2017, for 2 days



American Staffy X - female - 6 years and 5 months

After a long overdue stint in the pound Sasha has finally found the love and company of four foster carers, yes you read right! Cared for in a pet friendly unit block Sasha is walked mornings and evenings. Taken on day trips to Uni, where she basks in the sun or sits quietly in lecture rooms lapping up the attention and receiving pats and cuddles from all. Sasha has quickly acclimatized to her new carers, and has demonstrated protective behavior when in certain situations often in regards to males she doesn't know.With this in mind, when introduced in a neutral environment or in a coordinated manner, she has been more than comfortable. Sasha is good in the company of children given her gentle nature. She loves her play toys, travels well in the car and enjoys her food and treats however is not food driven. Sasha has a non destructive nature so is easily homed indoors for long periods of time, happy outside also, preferably both, sleeps in at night. She is most happy when in the company of friendly caring people.A favorite thing of hers to do is to sit in front of you, and then put her paw up just to touch you and if this doesn’t work, she drops and rolls and just looks so cute – you won’t be able to resist. She is gentle for her size and the perfect dog to have by your side. Not too good with small barky dogs or cats, however is interested in dogs of her own size if not overly dominate by nature. Loves her leash free runs and walks. Sasha is strong on the lead. We are working on this, walking her every day and we now make her sit before crossing the road. She is slowly getting there, but her nose gets in her way a bit – I can’t blame her at the moment with all the new smells she is experiencing in a new environment. She would need someone who is confident in their ability to keep her close and make sure she knows that when she is on the lead, she isn’t doing all the leading! We are looking for experienced dog owners. She is a kind and honest dog who laps up lots of love without demanding it. Sasha needs a strong personal bond with her new family. The security of knowing she has a valued place within a family unit and a fun filled future of happiness to look forward to with those she is destined to love and protect the most. Oh, I almost forgot, Sash is couch friendly!
Sasha is in care at Burwood Heights NSW. Contact : Gemma 0435939858
Gemma is happy to provide more photos or videos of Sasha if asked via text or mobile contact.

Sasha has been in foster care since 07 October 2017, for 2 weeks



DSH - male - 4 years and 9 months

Hey there, my name is Piccolo, but I answer to Pic or Wicky when I don't have my selective hearing on, lol.
So I've been in foster care for 4 years and only ever had one inquiry, which was years ago. It's a bit weird as I'm such a handsome fellow.
I do have a few health issues but if you can help me keep my weight off it may not be such an issue. As many of you might relate I find it hard to lose the KGs, I just love food so much.

Speaking about things I love, I also love to sleep and sleep in foster mums bed snuggled up next to her every night. During the day I find one of my many beds throughout the house. I go through phases of which is my fav.
I don't play much anymore, but if your going to walk around with a shoelace sliding along the floor, I'll chase it.

I don't mind other cats but lately I have become a bit stressed when new foster kittens have come to live with us. I would love nothing more than a furrever home that doesn't have cats coming and going.

I'm not outgoing but I'm also not timid. I will chill in the bedroom when visitors come around and come out to say hi (and see if they will feed me) after a short amount of time. I prefer to come to people in my own time. If your my hooman/s I will love you dearly and come to you straight away (hoping for some food).
Piccolo is excited to meet you and his foster carer can explain his possible health issues.

**Piccolo has had a few medical issues while in care including a blocked urinary tract. His vet fees have come to just over $1,500. A HUGE thankyou to all the people that sponsored Piccolo's vet fees. His extra costs have now been fully covered.

Thanks to Wayne, Gillian, Laine, Alison, Julie, Marlene, Peter, Amber and Susan**

Piccolo has been in foster care since 07 March 2013, for 4.6 years



staffy X - female - 5 months and 3 weeks

Hi, my name is Molly! I am a beautiful, young, energetic Staffy X looking for new adventures with a fun filled,loving, active family or individual. I love treats, toys and the company of other dogs and I don’t mind to share my food during feeding time. I am a clever pup and very attentive to learning new tricks and commands, I walk well on the lead and love my leash free weekly runs. I will need you to keep up with my training and socialization, as this will help improve my doggie etiquette which will also help me to bond with all I come into contact with. I can be a little excitable and jumpy when meeting new friends. I am a pretty affable girl and enjoy the company of all new friends, especially children. If you have another dog at home, please be sure to bring them in to meet me. I live in and out of my foster carer’s home and I am trying my best with toilet training as I sleep inside at night. I am on a mission to please you and to discover my full potential, though I am still a puppy I will respond well to training when given the time, love and patience. I am vaccinated, de-sexed, micro chipped, health check, wormed & flea treated. I am ready to go to a loving, fun filled happy home where I can become part of the family.

molly has been in foster care since 18 September 2017, for 1 month



Bull Arab - female - 4 years and 1 month

What a pleasure it is to be caring for this incredibly beautiful gentle giving girl. A true gem.Charlotte is relaxed and easy going in her nature. Fit, healthy and strong with such a pretty face. Well balanced, smart and well behaved 4 year old girl. She does have some cheeky habits which I am learning about. May take clothes off the line and may pull out shoes, towels if accessible. May chew cushions and soft toys if left around. Easily fixed, I don't leave anything out that may tempt her interest. I believe this anxious behaviour will change the more she settles in to her new loving forever home and feels secure. I have chewy toys, balls and big bones etc to keep her preoccupied will I'm out. She is full of caring affection and an absolute joy to have around. Charlotte gets on great with children and enjoys the company other dogs, walks great on the lead, but can pull at times if interested in sniffing. I have been trialing her off the lead and she walks close by not reacting to other dogs or cats. She needs her daily walks, weekly leash free runs and playful times, enjoys to swim too. Really good on the recall and plays fetch with almost anything, loves the small soccer ball she has which is chewy and fun. She is gentle and well mannered, her size is a medium build and her markings beautifully unique. Charlotte is a strong dog. She loves her food and eats a lot, loves treats, is fed twice a day, not aggressive with her food around humans. She travels well in the car and love snuggles and cuddles and the couch and your bed. Easily listens if you ask her to jump off. An indoor and outdoor dog, sleeps in at night and completely toilet trained. Charlotte has come into DCH care from a very loving home, this is clear to see when you first meet her. The time and loving care that has been invested in this dog is incredible, we are really looking to settle her into the perfect permanent home. We are looking to re-home her to an active, loving family, ideally with another family dog which has a similar temperament to Charlotte for company, she loves company, playful caring children would keep her happy also. Charlotte need to become an integral part of the family. She will need a little time to adjust however has adjust quite quickly here at my home to her new surroundings and environment. Charlotte is such a very special girl, her loyalty is paramount. Charlotte is simply just a great dog!
Vaccinated, heartworm, mirochipped and de sexed. Charlotte is cared for by Traudy in Padstow NSW.

Charlotte has been in foster care since 26 September 2017, for 4 weeks



Mastiff X - female - 1 year and 9 months

Cassie is not only a beautiful looking girl but very well mannered and gentle in nature. She has a loving playful side to her that just makes her adorable to whoever she meets. Very well socialized (in care with another dog see photo) and loves the company of all, rides well in the car, walks nicely on a lead and is great with children. Cassie is a medium/large sized dog and may still fill out some given she is only 18mths old. Exercising her with walks and leash free runs is part of her weekly routine. She is very obedient for the limited training she has had and will undoubtedly improve with your help and loving care. Cassie has been sleeping inside at night with no issues (toilet trained) once snuggled up in her spot she doesn't move, that could also be on you if invited .We are looking for an active, fun filled family or person’s environment for Cassi where she is accepted and loved for sweet personality and loving nature. There is one thing we must tell you about Cassi, she can jump fences with the ease of an Olympian. So your fencing will have to be colour bond at minimum as when you go out she will try to find a way to join you. That is something that may change over time as she settles into a new forever happy home. When dogs are kept in pounds for extended periods as in Cassi’s case, over 2 months, many want to get out anyway they can, this may be her reasoning? Being in a home where she is happy and loved, over time that may change? Best to still have the high fencing. Cassie loves the company of other dogs but doesn't like sharing her food during feeding time, so if you have another dog best to feed them separately.
Cassie is vaccinated, de sexed and micro chipped and ready to go to a loving home.

Cassi has been in foster care since 09 September 2017, for 1 month



Staffy AM - male - 4 years and 1 month

Sometimes in life you find a dog that just leaves you speechless. Digger is one of those. Chilled and relaxed, he is very sure of himself, moves with ease and confidence, not bothered by much but clearly observant and focused. When meeting Digger it becomes very apparent that the amount of care, the time and effort, the human love and affection that has gone into raising this dog by the previous owner is extraordinary. Sadly she has been left absolutely heartbroken in having to let her rock as she told me go. You will find an intelligent well behaved, politely mannered and good natured temperament in Digger, a true and loyal friend to those that will welcome him into their family. He has adjusted well into care with DCH and we have no doubt he will adjust just as well when re-homed to a family or individual that suits his needs. Great with kids, friendly towards other dogs, walks well on the lead and loves weekly leash free strolls and runs. Handsome is an understatement, lean, healthy and strong, yet amiably gentle and very affectionate. Fed twice a day, is an in and outdoor dog, sleeping in at night. Digger is use to a lot of affection and loves on the floor cuddles. He will always greet you with you excitement when you arrived home however settles quickly knowing your home to stay. He travel’s brilliantly in the car on the front seat looking straight ahead at the goings on via your windscreen. So what’s the catch? Digger needs and lives for company. The company of humans or canine’s at home, preferably both. He has grown up and been in the company of another dog all his life and is clearly happier that way. Currently Digger is in care with a young Massiff X Female and they have become great friends (see dogs in care DCH Cassie) and alternatively could easily be adopted together to make a great pair of new family members.
Vaccinated, Mirco Chipped, de sexed and heart wormed Digger is in care at Revesby NSW. Contact Rod 0418239763

Digger has been in foster care since 28 September 2017, for 3 weeks



Domestic Short Hair - female - 3 years

Billie came into foster care after the people who were looking after her moved away. She was living in the street and being fed scraps by the neighbours before becoming pregnant. Her kittens have all found loving homes and now it's Billie's turn!

Billie is very friendly, she loves rubbing on your legs, being close to you and you can hear her purr from metres away!. She is used to being an outdoor cat, but enjoys hanging out with the family inside as well. Billie can be a little shy at first but once she gets to know you she will follow you around like a puppy. Billie is not a lap cat but is happy to sit close by wherever her humans are. Her estimated age is 3 years.

Billie has been vet checked, has updated vaccinations and is desexed. She is ready to find her perfect family to love and take care of her for the rest of her life.

Billie has been in foster care since 03 October 2016, for 1 year