Animals in Care Needing Sponsorship

The following foster animals are needing sponsorship for their vet costs. Due to injury or illness their vet fees have been extensive and we are seeking donations to help us cover these costs.

All donations to DCH Animal Adoptions over $2 are fully tax deductible.

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Poodle - female - 10 years

Sponsorship Needed

Cap is a sweet and gentle mini poodle who loves cuddles and pats. She is good around people and other dogs but can get territorial in her foster home (she barks if she hears the neighbor's dog barking).

She is currently looking for a new forever home.

She is approximately 10 years old.

She has come into rescue due to some ongoing health issues which will need attention for the rest of her life.

Forever medication (roughly $75/month):

Eyes: Medicated eye ointment for her dry eyes.

Heart: 2x daily heart med capsule taken on an empty stomach one hour before breakfast and one hour before dinner. She doesn't eat these easily.
Skin: Disinfectant shampoo twice weekly

She has recently undergone the following proecdures:

Teeth scale and clean
Two rotten teeth extractions
Removal of 4 x lumps which were tested and were pronounced benign. This surgery left multiple large incisions on her belly with stitches. The stitches are now out and she is recovering. She had tonsillitis which is getting better.
She was on steroid medication for her skin up until the surgery. She may need to go back onto it.

Her vet fees were in excess of $1600. If you can help sponsor some of these costs please see how below.

Cappuccino has been in foster care since 01 January 2018, for 1 month

Jack and Jake

Jack and Jake

DSH - male - 1 year and 2 months

These twins are both very easy-going, relaxed kittens that would easily fit into most homes. They love to play and get on well with the other cats, dogs (both large and small) and bunny in foster care. They have had all their vaccinations and are desexed & ready to go to their forever homes.

Why were they rescued: They were dumped/Abandoned outside on a hot summer day when only 2-3 weeks old. They were very lucky to be found and handed in to a vet clinic. The vets called DCH and they were bottle fed and raised.

Medical Notes: Little Jack has had several operations on his left eyelid to stop his lashes rubbing on his eye as they developed in the wrong direction. Jack requires his eyes cleaned once a day with a damp & warm cloth. Jake's eyes have improved as he's grown and his final surgery seems to have been successful with no ongoing problems expected.

Name: Jack and Jake
DOB: 22-Nov-2016
Type: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $300
Includes: Desexing, Vaccination, Worming prevention, Microchip.

Petrescue ID#515347

***many thanks go to David and Michael who have helped contribute to Jacks additional vet fees, we have still spent an additional $900 on vet fees and sponsorship help would be very appreciated.***

Jack and Jake has been in foster care since 15 January 2017, for 1.1 years



Kelpie x - male

Thor hasn't had the best start to life, he was hit by a car and taken to he vets where he was found to have extensive nerve damage to the front leg. All the nerves were dead and he ended up with a leg that was unusable and was causing him grief.

Sadly Thor has had his leg amputated and is now on the hunt for a loving forever home that can see past his looks and love him for the fantastic personality that he has.

Thor gets along with dogs well and enjoys playing just like all puppies. He has a kind and happy personality and would suit most homes.

If you can offer Thor a loving Forever Home please email us a bit about yourself and your home.

*Update: Thor has had his surgery and it's been successful. Costs are $886, if you can help sponsor these additional fees for Thors vet expenses please see below on how you can donate*

Thor was adopted on 09 February 2017 after 2 weeks in foster care



DSH - male - 4 years and 1 month

Jayde is a lovely boy who can be quite shy when he doesn't know someone.
He gets on really well with all cats & kittens and loves to rub up against our large dogs and is very friendly with them.
He probably would not be suitable with a dog that wasn't cat friendly as he wouldn't run away if they tried to hurt him.
Jayde has a white horseshoe marking across his rump & this may have given him some good luck when he was recently bitten
by a paralysis tick, but with veterinary care he has thankfully made a complete recovery.

Jayde's vet expenses have come to $437. If you can help sponsor him please see details below.

**DCH would like to say Thank you to Natalia, Davy, Carolyn, Lisette and Hui for their generous donations towards Jayde's vet fees. His additional costs have now been fully covered.**

Jayde has been in foster care since 24 October 2015, for 2.3 years