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Meet Imran (and Epponnee)

Imran (and Epponnee) found themselves abandoned, under a house, when a member of the public located and rescued them.
Imran has since become a curious, playful cat. He loves to chase his teaser toys, lay in the windows, soaking up the sun or just spending time with Epponnee, grooming and cuddling together.
Imran prefers it if Epponnee makes sure the coast is clear before he follows her and relies on her to make him feel safe. Due to this they're a bonded pair and are looking to find their home together.
The siblings would do well in a calm home, perhaps with older children. They can be left alone during working hours - they'll sleep and relax whilst you work hard to bring home the kibble.

Imran (and Epponnee) has been in foster care since 01 August 2023, for 11 months

  • Dsh
  • male
  • 1 year and 2 months
  • Tuxie
  • $300 pair
  • Ebenezer, near Windsor
  • 01 August 2023

Would you like to adopt Imran (and Epponnee)?

NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000023

To find out more information about Imran (and Epponnee), or to organise to see him, please contact his foster carer above. Alternatively use our contact form

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Last updated: 28 August 2023