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Rainbow Bridge

Unfortunately, these dogs and cats didn't make it. Hopefully they are now running happily over the rainbow bridge.

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DMH - female

Lizzie is a lovely friendly little kitten with a beautiful plush calico medium length coat.

Lizzie is used to other cats and is terrific with children. She's quiet but playful and when not sleeping in laps she's exploring the house and playing with her sister Midnight (also available).

Lizzie will fit easily into most homes. To meet this gorgeous girl please contact us.

Lizzie was adopted on 24 February 2018 after 2 weeks in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - male

Patch has come into foster care as a surrender with his 3 brothers and is now looking for a new home. Patch has come from a loving family home and has had a good environment.

Patch was the first to explore the new toys on offer and has taking quickly to learning to chase the mechanical toy around his foster home. He is quick to find a perch on the couch and loves attention.

He has been microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. He will be desexed prior to being adopted.

He is currently in the Quakers Hill area. Please contact us for more information or to arrange to visit him.

Patch was adopted on 17 December 2017 after 2 weeks in foster care



Standard - mare

Sadly Hope had to be euthanised yesterday due to a fast growing, and very painful, cancerous growth on her face. RIP Hope

Hope was surrendered into our care late last year. Her previous owner has provided some information, but we have yet to get to know her in the short time she has been with us.

Hope has proved very willing to come for food, but we have not yet attempted to put a halter on her.

We have been advised that Hope is underweight as she has a medical blood condition, but no specifics were given. Follow up with her previous vet will be needed to obtain details. She is in very poor condition, with rain scald, mange and dermatophilus apparent.

Given the above, poor Hope clearly needs the care of a person experienced with a variety of horses.
DCH horse carers are also asked to
* own at least one other horse
* have the time and finances to support an extra horse
* have the space available for 6 months to over a year
* not be moving properties in the near future

If you believe you can help DCH with Hope (and perhaps with Curly, who finds herself in the same situation) please email or call for full details.



Arab - mare

Sadly Clover passed away while in foster care (due to age related issues)

Arab Mare 13.1hh, 21yrs

Clover is a sweet older girl who has served her past owners well and is in need of a good retirement home. She's quiet and is able to be brushed, have the farrier out, be lead and handled easily.

Not a lot is known about her past, however she's had a good education at some point as she lunges beautifully, and we've been told she was a clever all-rounder / western pony who excelled at sporting in her younger years.

She had been badly neglected before coming to us, so we have not test ridden her as we've been focusing on getting her back to good health and a better weight.

If you're interested in giving Clover a good home where she can be assured of a secure & happy future, please contact us for more information about her.

* First two photos taken in mid January 2016;
* Last photo taken in mid September 2015.



Domestic Short Hair - female

Lucky is a very friendly kitten who loves pats and cuddles. She is playful and enjoys exploring and making friends with her foster carer's adult cats and dog. Lucky has the loudest purr for such a tiny girl. She is available for meet and greets now at her foster home.



short hair domestic - male

Meet Phoenix

Such a beautifully natured slim brown/grey tabby male with lovely green eyes.

Phoenix was on the streets when he came into our care. While he was then almost skeletal and rather poorly, he has nonetheless proved extremely affectionate and behaves more like a dog than a cat as he follows his humans … to the extent you have to watch out for him getting under your feet!

He has been around a small terrier type dog and is very laid back and tolerant with him. He seems to have no fear of him, even sharing his food bowl. Phoenix happily lives alongside his multiple feline foster friends, too.

In fact, Phoenix is an unusually laid back and affectionate gentleman. He loves to head butt, chirp and talk to you while you are wandering around, then to keep you company when you sit. Best of all he loves bedtime with his humans.

Now just over 7 years’ old, Phoenix has happily adapted to being an indoor only cat and his new home should be indoor too in order to keep him safe. He would make a wonderful loving addition to almost any type of family as long as you are up for lots of attention, chats and cuddles.

He has had quite a few vet visits during his stay with us in his bid to become well, but has now muscled up beautifully, and passed his health checks with flying colours! So, Phoenix is actively seeking his safe, furever home.

Phoenix is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, and is up to date with flea and worm treatments.

If you'd like to visit Phoenix at his foster home in Hoxton Park, please phone his carer, Karen

Poor little Phoenix came into our care with a sinus infection, followed by dental treatment. He's all better now, and is able find his new home - with many thanks to his sponsorship from Jo Newell.

Many animals which come into our care require significant medical care to ensure their wellbeing and ability to be successfully rehomed. Contributions are gratefully received.



Fox Terrier/Papillon Mix - female

*Aisha is currently on hold awaiting surgery for a large mammory tumour, she also requires some dental work - vet fees are expected to be around $1,500 - please see below for details on how to help sponsor Aisha*

Introducing sweet 3.6kg Aisha, rescued from the streets and brought to the pound. Her nails were initially over 3cm and due to not being able to walk properly, Aisha trots through the grass, even though her nails have been trimmed.
Aisha is a fast learner, taking a few minutes to work out how to use the doggie door. She loves her walks, walks well on a lead, loves her cuddles and is a real lap dog. Aisha met the 2 older resident male dogs, wanting to play with them, however they weren't interested, so Aisha must go to a home with another playful dog.
Aisha's teeth are impeccable. She has a large mammory tumour which will have to be removed in the near future. Should she need desexing, this will also be done before adoption, together with a Heartworm Test.
Aisha is a very special middle aged lady. It appears she's had litter after litter and then been tossed aside with her medical problems.
If you are after a sweet little dog, please reply by e-mail to her carer and include what lifestyle you could offer her.
X-rays were ran before surgery and the vet found numerous tumours and decided best all round to leave her asleep.



domestic short hair - female

Mia's StoryBy Jan Cullen

I fostered Mia in January 2017. She was around 4 weeks old and had been taken to Hawkesbury Shelter at around 3 weeks of age. She had stayed with another foster carer for a few days and appeared to be doing well. She didn’t do so well with me. She refused to drink kitten formulaand nothing I could do would convince her otherwise. She ate kitten food with gusto. She refused to use the litter boxes provided for her and I ended up with 3 litter boxes around the house which she eventually decided were safe to use. She didn’t like Emma (my DCH adopted Pomeranian) or me. On her first night I popped her into a sleeping cage in my bedroom. I woke up during the night to find her at the end of my bed. The next night I blocked all possible exits from the cage but the same thing happened so the cage was popped back into the shed and she was allowed to sleep on the bed.

It took her weeks to decide that Emma and I were okay. We let her get to know us at her own pace. She didn’t purr and was happy to sleep on the bed or play with her toys. She definitely wasn’t an affectionate cat.
She had all her vaccinations and was desexed, however, she remained a very small kitten.

Given time, she started following me around and when I was watching television or on the computer she would jump up on my lap. She started to purr which was like music to my ears. What appeared to be little steps to me were huge leaps of faith (and trust) for her. She loved her food and would often wake the dog early in the morningknowing that the dog would harass me until she got her breakfast. She would then chase the dog out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. It was like a herd of elephants running through the house. We all eventually settled into life together and I made the decision to adopt her. Mia loved the windowsills, especially the kitchen one where she could watch the birds in the birdbath.

She appeared to be lethargic one Saturday so I kept an eye on her and when she didn’t improve I took her to the Leura Emergency Vet early on Sunday morning. They suspected a kidney problem and took blood which showed her kidneys were fine. However, her temperature was high and they put her on a drip. They kept her overnight. It was the first time I had been parted from Mia and it was awful. I worried about her constantly and on Monday morning, she was transferred to Katoomba Vet. I picked her up and took her to Julie at Bowenfels Vet. A blood test was done and it was suspected that she had toxoplasmosis. She started treatment and was kept on a drip until Thursday morning when I brought her home. She didn’t respond very well and for the first 3 weeks of her illness, I didn’t think she would make it. Emma was her constant companion and we all formed a very close bond. Then she seemed to turn the corner on the fourth week - she started eating a little more, wanted to hang out and I was thrilled with her improvement. However, after her next lot of tests it was suspected that she had Feline Infection Peritonitis (FIP) and she soon went downhill again. By the following Sunday she was becoming lethargic, snuffly and lost interest in food. Her weight had gone down to 1.9 kgs. Unfortunately, on Monday morning she showed signs of the neurological form of FIP. She was deteriorating quickly and the decision was made to euthanase her as she was starting to show signs of discomfort.

I missed her terribly and nothing I did could fill the void. The house was empty without her. She really fought to keep going and I am so pleased that she came to me. There is a special place in my heart for the beautiful girl who never got to enjoy a long life.



Pointer cross - female

Missy is a 3-year old female pointer-cross girl. In Missy's current home she does not get along with the family dog, and hence is coming back into care to find a new home where they are more compatible. When in care, Missy was housed with many other dogs and did not show any aggression. She is very good with people, and responds well to training. She is good both inside and outside of the house.
Missy does not get along with cats, and so she can't go to a home where they are. If there is another dog in the household, a meet and greet will be perfect just to make sure they will get along well.
Missy is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. If you're interested in Missy, please call Rod on 0418 239763.



domestic short hair - female

What a gorgeous girl Tigger has turned out to be ....she was found dumped in a park at 4 weeks of age with her sisters , luckily a good samaritan found them and handed them over to rescue .

Tigger is everything a kitten should be ...playful , affectionate, loving, and a little bit crazy with some confidence added in.She is more than comfortable around the resident dogs and isn't bothered by the 3 resident adult cats.

Tigger would suit just about all households.

Who will be the lucky person to adopt this little gem ???

She loves her food and uses the litter tray like a champ.

Tigger has had her first vaccination ..has been wormed.. microchipped and flea treated.
Her adoption fee will cover de-sexing when she is old enough at one of our many approved vets