Foster Care

We are always in need of foster carers in the greater Sydney area to look after our pound rescue animals. Foster carers take animals into their own homes and provide them with a loving family environment until a permanent home can be found. Some rescues can take weeks or months to rehome so a serious commitment is required. However, we will endeavour to place animals in your care that will fit in with your lifestyle. We always have dogs and cats in a range of ages and sizes that need care.

We will need to inspect your property to assess your suitability to foster care and as we are located in Western Sydney we are not in a position to have carers that live more than 90mins away from Sydney. Carers must be over 18 years old.

We mostly have dogs and cats in foster care but if you think you have the resources to care for a horse then please let us know also.

If you are interested in becoming a carer for any of our animals please submit the below form after reading our Terms & Conditions.

Each Rescue group will have slightly different policies and procedures so be sure to find one that suits you. Be sure to foster for a reputable rescue group who will provide you with support throughout your foster care experience. A reputable group will have limits to the number of animals you can take, will do a property inspection prior to placing an animal in your care and will never pressure you to take on an animal that may not suit your situation. They will also be actively involved with the rehoming process and won't leave you to find a home for the foster yourself.


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    DCH Animal Adoptions Foster Carer Terms & Conditions

    As a foster carer for DCH Animal Adoptions Inc, I agree I am over the age of 18 years old  and to the following terms and conditions and will:

    1.     Allow a representative of DCH Animal Adoptions Inc to inspect my residence in person to ensure it is suitable and secure for fostering animals.

    2.     Follow the DCH Animal Adoptions Inc guidelines for fostering animalsas documented in the ‘Foster Caring Information Pack’ (provided to me by DCH Animal Adoptions Inc).

    3.     Assume the risks of being bitten, scratched or injured by foster animals in connection with foster caring and/or volunteer activities I indemnify DCH Animal Adoptions Inc for any injuries, damages, liabilities, losses or costs, which I might suffer or sustain in connection to the performance of my foster caring and/or volunteer activities.

    4.     Use appropriate safety equipment when transporting, handling or riding animals. This includes, but is not limited to, carry cases, dog car restraints, and appropriate horse-riding footwear and helmet.

    5.     Take care to only select suitable animals for fostering and rehoming.

    6.     Accept the care and control of any foster animal that I accept into my care from my own personal inspection of the animal and not rely upon any representation from DCH Animal Adoptions Inc as to the condition, health or behaviour of the animal.

    7.     Take full responsibility for the costs and care of any animal that I take into care without the prior written approval of DCH Animal Adoptions Inc.

    8.     Treat all DCH Animal Adoptions Inc foster animals in my care as if they are a member of my family, and comply with RSPCA Standards for care of animals.

    9.     Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and by-laws while acting as a volunteer for DCH Animal Adoptions Inc.

    10.   Seek appropriate veterinary care when a DCH Animal Adoptions Inc foster animal in my care is injured or sick.

    11.   Only give medication to a DCH Animal Adoptions Inc foster animal in my care that is prescribed by a vet or approved by a DCH Animal Adoptions Inc co-ordinator.

    12.   Ensure that all DCH Animal Adoptions Inc foster animals in my care wear a collar with an identification tag attached at all times.

    13.   Ensure that all DCH Animal Adoptions Inc foster animals in my care are on leash or caged when outside of my residence.

    14.   Take care in selecting suitable new owners when rehoming a DCH Animal Adoptions Inc foster animal.

    15.   Ensure that I communicate all known information about the past, present and future health/wellbeing of foster animals in my care to potential new owners.

    16.   Not provide any false or misleading information to any member of DCH Animal Adoptions Inc or to any member of the public about DCH Animal Adoptions Inc or foster animals in its care.

    17.   Participate in any feedback reviews with a DCH Animal Adoptions Inc co-ordinator or a DCH Animal Adoptions Inc Executive Committee member.

    18.   Promptly return all DCH Animal Adoptions Inc supplies and equipment, monies owing, and all other items in a good, clean condition, if I cease to be a DCH Animal Adoptions Inc foster carer for whatever reason.

    19. Abide by the DCH Animal Adoptions Inc Code of Conduct at all times, as follows: Foster carers and volunteers will act professionally and with respect, courtesy, and honesty to all other foster carers, volunteers and members of the public that I will come into contact with as part of my activities for DCH Animal Adoptions Inc

    20. Abide by the rules, policies and objectives of DCH. This includes the keeping and submitting of accurate records for each foster animal and depositing of any monies received into the relevant DCH Animal Adoptions Inc bank account (adoptions or donations) on the next business day. Delay in forwarding monies to DCH Animal Adoptions Inc may result in an infraction being made against your name with a credit reporting agency which in turn could affect my credit rating. In the event that my overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, I will be liable for all costs incurred in the enforcement of my debt, including the sum of the full debt amount, plus commission(s) on collection of the debt, and all legal fees and costs incurred in enforcing my debt.