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Meet Peter

Peter is a playful kitten who loves a good snuggle once tuckered out.

He certainly isn't shy, immediately exploring his new home here with a loud, constant purr and occasional leg rub. He enjoys chasing and batting whatever he can find lying around the house. He's a quiet boy, but loves his food, and will definitely let you know when he's hungry with the sweetest little meow. He currently eats both wet and dry food. Peter also uses the litter tray correctly.

Peter currently lives with an extra large dog (Giant breed) who he cuddles up to, and two very young children. He's unfazed by crawling babies, loud 3 year olds and dog barking.

Peter will be available for adoption once he is big enough to be desexed. His unfortunate bout of cat flu means he still needs to gain some weight before desexing. He is now over the cat flu.

Available for adoption from after the 17th January once desexed.

Peter has been in foster care since 20 December 2021, for 1 month

  • Domestic
  • male
  • 3 months
  • Tabby and White
  • $225
  • Marsden Park
  • 20 December 2021

Would you like to adopt Peter?

NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000023

To find out more information about Peter, or to organise to see him, please contact his foster carer above. Alternatively use our contact form

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