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Meet Scarlett

Scarlett was diagnosed in March 2024, with a Heart Murmur. It is thought to be a Grade 3/6, which is mid-range.
As the condition has not caused any issues, Scarlett does not take medication and lives a normal life.

Scarlett and her brother, Sebastion, are from a litter of 4 x kittens that were rescued from street life and then taken into foster care by DCH.

Scarlett will need an experienced adopter who would like to work with a cat to further her socialisation. Your home needs to be calm and quiet, a single person or couple would be ideal. Scarlett is very gentle and will become a wonderful and affectionate little companion for the right person.

The video of Scarlett will show you her potential and she will thrive in the right home.Please contact me if you would like to arrange a day to come and meet Scarlet.

The adoption fee is $160 and Scarlett is:

  • Microchipped,
  • Wormed/flea-treated,
  • Vaccinated (until March 2025),
  • Desexed
  • So she lives her best and longest life, Scarlett must also be an INDOOR ONLY cat.

    Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in arranging a visit. PLEASE INCLUDE INFORMATION about why you are interested in Scarlett.
    (PLEASE NOTE: I no longer respond to phone calls/messages from unknown mobiles).

    If you are renting, please ensure that you have approval for a cat BEFORE you lodge interest.

    You must be over 18 years old to adopt an animal, and, for a kitten, also be prepared to look after it for up to 20years! 😻

    Scarlett has been in foster care since 18 October 2022, for 1.8 years

    • DSH
    • female
    • 2 years
    • White with Tortie Ear & Tail
    • $160
    • Campbelltown NSW
    • 18 October 2022

    Would you like to adopt Scarlett?

    • Nikki
    • 1300889340
    • Send enquiry email - preferred
    • Please use enquiry email

    NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000023

    To find out more information about Scarlett, or to organise to see her, please contact her foster carer above. Alternatively use our contact form

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    Last updated: 05 April 2024