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Meet Newton and Asimov (bonded brothers)

Meet Newton & Asimov: The Dynamic Duo of Love and Adventure 🐾

Newton and Asimov, are bonded brothers ready to steal your heart.

Newton, is a fearless explorer with a curious attraction to water. He adores playtime but is equally devoted to being your snuggle buddy. With a heart full of affection, he's known for sweet kisses and independent antics. What makes him truly unique is his different coloured eyes, one blue and the other hazel.

Asimov, Newton’s brother and partner-in-crime is an intelligent and angelically beautiful kitten with an uncanny ability to observe and learn. He quickly picks up on patterns in your behaviour and confidently meets your gaze as he approaches you. This affectionate little guy revels in cuddles, often lying on your lap like a baby.

Both Newton and Asimov are remarkably comfortable with strangers and responded well to sharing their home with a dog that stayed for a while. Their strong bond is a testament to their playful and loving relationship.
They've received their 1st kitten vaccinations, are microchipped, desexed, and regularly receive flea and worm treatments.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to this inseparable pair, please reach out to their foster mum via call or text. Your life will be forever enriched by the love and companionship of Newton and Asimov. 🐾❤️

Newton and Asimov (bonded brothers) has been in foster care since 27 February 2023, for 1.3 years

  • Domestic Short Hair
  • male
  • 28 November 2022
  • 1 year and 7 months
  • White
  • $350 for the pair
  • Crows Nest
  • 27 February 2023

Would you like to adopt Newton and Asimov (bonded brothers)?

NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000023

To find out more information about Newton and Asimov (bonded brothers), or to organise to see him, please contact his foster carer above. Alternatively use our contact form

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