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DSH - female - 4 months and 3 weeks


Well that would be little Juno . Without a doubt one of the loveliest sweetest kittens I have ever had in care. Juno was found with her sister Cookie in a box on the side of the road , they are both just lovely.

Juno can be a little reserved around strangers but once comfortable her beautiful personality shines through.

Juno has been raised in care with other adult cats and 2 dogs and she is fine with all of them.

She is a champ when it comes to litter training but can be fussy when it comes to food I guess she likes what she likes.

Juno has had her first vaccination and has been micro chipped , flea treated and wormed and will be desexed as well.

Juno and Cookie are in care in the Granville area.

Juno and cookie have been a delight to have in care and they are going to make a wonderful companions .

Juno has been in foster care since 02 April 2024, for 2 months



Staffy x - male - 3 months and 3 weeks

Are you searching for your new best friend? A friend that will make you smile and light up your life?

Meet Denver.

Denver is a happy, outgoing pup that has a fun nature and vibrant personality. He is one of the more confident pups of the litter and he is now waiting for you to come and choose him.

Denver has been in foster care since 13 April 2024, for 2 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 months and 3 weeks

Sammie is a charming little tortoiseshell kitten with a unique and beautiful coat. Her striking mix of black, orange, and brown fur makes her a true standout. While she may seem a bit shy at first, Sammie quickly warms up to gentle and loving attention. Once she feels safe and comfortable, she reveals her playful and affectionate nature.

Sammie had a tough start to life, being handed into the vets as a tiny 3-week-old kitten. Fortunately, she was placed with a wonderful foster mum cat who raised her with care and love. Thanks to this nurturing environment, Sammie has grown into a healthy, well-socialized kitten who is ready for her forever home.


Shy but Sweet: Sammie might need a little time to adjust to new surroundings and people, but with patience and kindness, she blossoms into a loving companion.
Playful and Curious: Like all kittens, Sammie is curious and loves to play. She enjoys chasing toys, pouncing on imaginary prey, and exploring her environment.

Affectionate: Once she trusts you, Sammie is incredibly affectionate. She enjoys cuddles, head scratches, and purring contentedly in your lap.

Ideal Home:
Sammie would thrive in a calm and loving home where she can feel safe and secure. She would do well with a family or individual who can give her the time and attention she needs to build her confidence. Sammie could also adapt to a home with other pets, especially if they are gentle and friendly.

Sammie has been in foster care since 16 April 2024, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 years

Shadow is a beautiful tabby cat with striking markings and a serene presence. As a dedicated and nurturing mother, she has lovingly raised her own kittens—Smokie, Sparkie, Sootie, Stubbie, and Sunnie. After her kittens were ready for their own adventures, Shadow continued her motherly duties by fostering another kitten, showing incredible kindness and patience.


Loving and Maternal: Shadow has proven to be a wonderful mother, not only to her own kittens but also to a foster kitten. Her nurturing nature is evident in how she cares for those around her.

Independent: Shadow is a confident and self-sufficient cat who enjoys her own space. She prefers to be the only feline in the household, where she can be the center of attention.

Affectionate: While she may be independent, Shadow loves a good pat on the head and will reward your affection with soft purrs and gentle head nudges.

Ideal Home:
Shadow would thrive in a home where she can be the only cat, allowing her to fully relax and enjoy her surroundings without competition. She would do best with individuals or families who can offer her a calm and loving environment. Shadow is looking for a forever home where she can receive the attention and affection she deserves.

Adoption Details:
Shadow is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations, and in excellent health. She is litter-trained and ready to bring her calm and loving demeanor to a new family.

Are You Ready to Welcome Shadow?
If you're looking for a gentle, affectionate, and independent cat, Shadow could be the perfect addition to your home. Contact us to arrange a meet-and-greet with this wonderful mother cat. Give Shadow the loving, single-cat home she needs, and she'll bring warmth and companionship to your life.

Shadow has been in foster care since 16 April 2024, for 1 month



Leonberger x Pyrenean Mountain - female - 8 years and 7 months

The beautiful Miss Lupa is sadly in need of a new home for her retirement years.

After 8 years she has suddenly developed a dislike for her owner’s 15 year old staffy girl, who is quite frail, quite possibly she is re-acting to the staffy being unwell. Her owner understandably needs to put the staffy first and thus sadly needs a new home for Lupa.

Lupa has otherwise always been good with other dogs. She is a bit shy meeting new people but quickly warms up to them, including kids (this can be quite typical of the breed). It is unknown what she is like with cats, but she does not chase Roos. She loves swimming, going to the park and is fine with vet visits. she is desexed and passed a vet check very recently.

Ideally a home for her would be one experienced with big dogs, with no other girl dogs to be on the safe side - perhaps a male of similar size would be ok. She is currently located in the ACT. Please contact me if you think you are the right home for this beautiful senior girl and I will put you in touch with her owners for a meet and greet.



British Bulldog - female - 5 years and 1 month

Roxy is a beautiful, outgoing girl that is looking for her new family. Roxy is cat friendly and true to the British Bulldog nature, she is very sociable and loves to be around her human family as much as possible: she loves jumping up onto the couch and bed for snuggles and will sometimes even crawl into your lap for some affection.

Roxy does know how to sit, and will sit when asked most of the time - British Bulldogs can be a bit stubborn after all! She loves going for car rides and she likes to go on short walks, walking well on lead, and is crate trained.

Due to her breeding, Roxy must have access to inside, particularly in Summer and warmer weather. British Bulldogs have short noses, which makes it harder to regulate their core body temperature in the heat, so she is not suitable to being an outdoor dog. But as she loves being a snuggle buddy, why wouldn't you want her by your side!

Roxy has been good with young children (ages 6yrs and up) while in care and she has displayed good behaviour with other dogs while in care, though she would best be suited with a submissive dog in her new home.

If you are interested in giving Roxy the Forever Home she deserves then please contact us. She is currently being fostered in Riverstone, NSW and would love to meet you!

Roxy has been in foster care since 25 April 2024, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 months and 4 weeks

Looking for something Magical in your life?

Magic is the perfect kitten! She's everything you'd need in a new fur-baby. Magic is very social - she loves everyone and everything she meets. She wants to play and be friends with the 3 resident cats and dog, and she LOVES people. Magic is a kitten that follows her humans everywhere. She can't get enough attention, cuddles, kisses or pats. Magic loves to be carried and has been an absolute delight to foster. She'll curl up on your lap and watch Netflix with you, and likes to play mice-catching cat games on the iPad.

Magic has been treated for a fungal infection. She will be desexed, chipped and receive her 1st vaccination on the 12th of June. Magic is ready for meet and greets now. She is in foster care in Kingswood, NSW.

Magic has been in foster care since 02 May 2024, for 1 month



DSH - male - 3 months and 1 weeks

Sid is a snuggly love bug. He would suit someone who’s ok with a clingy cat and will usually be at home.
When I took him into foster care, he weighed about 50 grams. He was abandoned by his mother, along with four siblings, in the ceiling of a shop, very underweight and looking very unwell. He went on to love his bottle very much.
Now he is a good eater, strong, silly and in need of toys, petting and warm laps/chests/shoulders. He jumps on my back randomly or tries to climb my leg as he enjoys being carried and held as much as possible.
He has three white patches on his underside, two short white socks in front, two long white socks in back and a cute white stripe on his nose.
Sid is a darling kitten, lovely company, gentle (usually/unless it’s zoomies time) and very handsome!
He would probably prefer a home with a new sibling as he does not like to be alone.

Sid has been in foster care since 07 May 2024, for 1 month



Staffy x - female - 2 months and 3 weeks

Meet our very sweet girl Jazz..

Jazz and her siblings were found in the bush at the park by some passers by who took them to the local animal shelter. After some time in care Jazz has now blossomed into a sweet, playful girl who is alot of fun to be around. In her new home Jazz will need basic obedience, a good diet and lots of love and fun.

Jazz is in care in Londonderry please contact us if you would like to meet her.

Jazz has been in foster care since 23 May 2024, for 3 weeks



Belgian shepherd - male - 1 month and 4 weeks

Jackson is a lovely outgoing and extremely friendly puppy who is dying to meet his new family
He was born in the care of DCH animal adoptions after his mum was taken to the shelter when she was found as a stray
Jackson loves to play with toys and his favourite time of the day is meal times
Jackson will be available for adoption once all his vet work has been completed

Jackson has been in foster care since 05 June 2024, for 1 weeks