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Animals in our care

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DSH - female - 6 months

Leah and Topaz are looking to be adopted together as a bonded pair

Leah and Topaz were found as little kittens around 4 weeks old and were living under a swimming pool near some bush land. The property owners called for assistance with them when they heard them crying out as they were hungry for food and their Mumma cat had not returned after multiple hours on a very hot day. They have been in foster care and have been raised as indoors only cats. They are bonded and have been kept together since being in foster care and we are looking for a home where they can be adopted together as a bonded pair.

Leah is outgoing and is a curious kitty. She likes to climb and will often climb up onto her carers shoulder. She is very quick to purr and to put on her charm and loves pats on her head and on her sides.
Topaz is a little more reserved and can be spooked by loud noises however she has a lovely purr and enjoys a good pat. She would prefer a home where there are no children under 10.

They eat a diet of Royal Canin second age kitten dry food and Kitten Instinctive gray wet food.

They have been desexed, microchipped, and given worm and flea treatments. They have received their 1st and 2nd F3 vaccination but will require 1 more additional vaccination to be fully vaccinated which is not included in the adoption fee.

Name: Topaz (Female Torti) - 991003000835217
Name: Leah (Female Black & White) - 991003000835218
Date of Birth: 15/10/2020 (Estimated) Breed: Domestic

Location: PETstock adoption Center at Macquarie Center (North Ryde). Can be visited during store hours

Leah has been in foster care since 22 November 2020, for 4 months



DSH - male - 7 months and 1 weeks

Echo is a friendly kitten once he gets to know to you. He will call out with a little meow for attention and he will rub up to your hand for affection. He does not like being alone and enjoys company.

He's got a little abnormality with his eye where one is smaller than the other and has a lazy eye with a mis-aligned lens. It does not seem to affect him and he is happy and ready to find his forever home.

He's been microchipped desexed, fully F3 vaccinated, wormed and has had flea prevention treatments.

Located in Acacia Gardens

Echo has been in foster care since 22 November 2020, for 4 months



DSH - female - 7 months and 1 weeks

Bianca is a stunning kitten. She came into care as a very shy and timid kitten but has developed into a beautiful affectionate kitty.

She loves pats and attention and enjoys a good cuddle.

She loves her Royal Canin kitten dry food and also enjoys Royal Canin Kitten instinctive wet food.

She's been microchipped desexed, fully F3 vaccinated, wormed and has had flea prevention treatments.

Located in Acacia Gardens, NSW

Bianca has been in foster care since 22 November 2020, for 4 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year

Suri is a such a little cat who gave birth to her first litter of kittens when she was just a kitten herself. She has since been in care with an active foster family, comprising mum and dad, two kids, cats (both resident and foster), canines and bunnies – and this busy environment really hasn’t suited her rather quiet temperament. With lots of one on one time with her carer now her kittens have moved on, she is learning to relax and enjoy affection, and to be held…..

But, Suri is longing for her own furever home – quiet, indoor, maybe the only pet. She would sooo love that environment, and we are sure she would gain confidence and thrive in it.

Are you that quiet, patient person or family? Please contact her carer to arrange a meet and greet at her temporary home in Ermington.

Suri is microchipped, vaccinated and desexed, and is up to date with her flea and worm treatments, so she is ready to go.

Suri has been in foster care since 30 November 2020, for 4 months



DSH - male - 6 months and 4 weeks

Archie is a very sweet, affectionate cat, loves to be by your side and or on you always. He will wait for bed time and cuddle close to you.

Loves getting cuddles and pats, he will stay in your arms and just allow you to cuddle him.

Archie is a very handsome little kitty.

Archie is okay with our rabbit and our dog, however initially he wasn't and took a couple of weeks to get used to them, he would hiss a lot , now he is playful with them and doesn't mind them at all, when we bring in another cat or dog , he doesn't like it and needs time to adjust but eventually warms up to them.

Indoor cat only please.

Feel free to drop by and meet Archie.

Archie has been in foster care since 02 December 2020, for 4 months



Chihuahua - female - 9 years and 4 months

Olive is a beautiful little chihuahua that we estimate to be between 10-12 years old. Olive didn’t have the best start to her foster life, as she was riddled with lumps and bumps all over but she’s feeling a lot better (and a lot lighter) now they've been removed.

Despite Olive's rough start with us, she still proved she has a lot of love to give and would make a great companion for the right person.

Whilst Olive has had many medical issues resolved she still has an ongoing treatment plan involving twice daily eye cleans and drops and fortnightly medicated baths as well as a joint supplement to help with her back legs.

While Olive has been in foster care, some behavioural difficulties have been identified. She has a very high level of resource guarding, is reactive on leash, is very wary around new people and is especially sensitive to touch around her rear end.

Due to Olive's behavioural requirements, she is not suited to a home with children under 10 years old and is best suited in a home as the primary pet with no other cats or dogs.

Ideally we would like to see Olive in a home with previous Chihuahua experience that would be able to devote all the attention to her and is slow paced so she can enjoy her retirement.

Olive is toilet trained, very food motivated and enjoys short strolls where she can roll in the grass and get some sun.

If this feisty gal sounds like the perfect companion for you we would love to hear from you!

Olive has been in foster care since 06 December 2020, for 4 months



shd - male - 6 months and 1 weeks

Cheddar is a male short haired boy who was brought into care as a stray along with two brothers and a sister. One brother and his sister have already been rehomed.
He was shy when he came into care but is coming out of his shell now that he has been moved to a different house with different cats. He purrs when you pat him and rubs up against your face. He eats quality dry food and fish wet food. Always uses the litter.

Cheddar has been in foster care since 08 December 2020, for 4 months



shd - male - 6 months and 1 weeks

Tigger is the smaller brother of Cheddar. Both boy have come into care with two brown tabby siblings who have already been rehomed.
He is a shy boy who will hiss at you but not really mean it. He's happy for you to give him a pat and a tickle under his chin/around his ears. He just needs a quiet home with someone who is happy to take the care and time to teach him to trust. He is kitty litter trained, has had all his vaccinations and vet check and is ready to go to a good home.

Tigger has been in foster care since 21 December 2020, for 3 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 months and 3 weeks

Echo and her brother Elvis were rescued from under a house in Macquarie Fields and were then surrendered into DCH care.

Echo is such a sweet little marble Tabby who absolutely loves pats and attention. Echo came into foster care with what seemed to be cat flu but she did not respond to any antibiotics or treatment and still had great trouble breathing. In addition, this tiny girl is still only 1kg at nearly 6 months old.

UPDATE 15/04/21
On the 7th April, Echo was anaesthetised at Rossmore Vet Hospital, and a large growth could be seen down her throat. The growth was removed and Echo was given a cortisone injection, plus a 5 day course of antibiotic injections.

The next few weeks will determine if this has been a success but so far, so good - Echo has put on 200g in a week and her breathing seems normal!

Fingers crossed for Echo! 😻

This gentle-natured, affectionate kitten deserves the proper care and treatment so she can go on to find a special forever family. Any help with her vet costs would be very much appreciated.

Echo has been in foster care since 22 December 2020, for 3 months



Domestic Short Hair - male - 5 months and 3 weeks

Elvis and his sister, Echo, came into DCH foster care at about 8 weeks old after they were found living under a house in Macquarie Fields.

Elvis is a very playful and curious young man who is beginning to realise that people aren’t so bad (and they have treats!)

This beautiful Tabby boy with the chiselled chin, usually does do a runner when he knows you want to pick him up, making little purrs and trills as he goes, like it's a game to him! However once you have him in your arms, he doesn't fight at all to get away and succumbs to all the love and cuddles!

Elvis will usually fall asleep right next to me or behind my shoulder, on the lounge. Elvis has progressed really well with his social skills but he will really benefit from a quieter home with only 1-2 people to focus on and trust. Elvis gets on well with other cats and kittens, as well as cat-friendly dogs.

Elvis had a rough start to life but he absolutely deserves a loving Forever Family to call his own.

The $225 adoption fee includes microchipping, worming, first vaccination and desexing. Elvis is also litter-trained and socialised with other foster kittens and must be kept as an INSIDE ONLY cat.

Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in adopting.

Elvis is desexed and is ready to go to his new home now.

If you are renting, please ensure that you have approval for a cat BEFORE you lodge interest.

You must be over 18yrs old and an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident to adopt this kitten.

Elvis has been in foster care since 22 December 2020, for 3 months